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Published May 4, 2017

Noted was created with one simple goal: to make writing for d&d as simple and straightforward as possible. I attempted to accomplish this with a few core features that I did not find in other world building applications I had come across.

Simple, unstructured 'notes'

One of the core design considerations of noted was that everything should be a 'note'. Character? Note. Location? Note. Quest line? Note. With this design, there's no worrying about what type of thing you are creating, you just name it and add some contents. The contents are written using a simple markdown-based wysiwyg editor.

The contents are written using a wysiwyg editor

Notes are created/nested easily

Similar to the way that notes are simple and unstructured. Adding notes is also very simple. There's a couple methods:

  1. Search for a non-existent note, and pressing enter
  2. Clicking the add sub-note button

This way notes can be created quickly, and easily. In addition, the nesting of notes allows related concepts to easily be grouped together without a single note getting overly long.

Clicking the add sub-note button

Automatically link to notes

Finally, the most important feature. This was basically the whole reason I created noted in the first place. Whenever a note's title is mentioned in another note, they are automatically linked to each other. This seems like a simple feature, but it trivially creates a knowledge base of interlinked notes.

You can view the code for this project here.

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