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I’m Zachary Bush, and I work as a Software Engineer helping to develop Fuchsia. Before that I was a Site Reliability Engineer at Google, and before that I was a Member of Technical Staff at Cisco Meraki, and in 2013, I graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in computer science.

Photograph by: Molly Raven

Long before all of that, however, I turned 11 and forced myself to accept that I was, unfortunately, not a wizard. Not willing to accept that there was no magic in the world I turned to computers and tried to invent my own.

My first foray into the world of programming came when I convinced my parents to give me one of their unused Palm Pilots. With that I was able to start learning my first programming language: SmallBASIC. What I was able to produce in those days was understandably crude, but it lit a fire in me that has yet to go out. Since then I have worked with many programming languages, ranging from Visual Basic and C# to C++ and Java, and finally to my current lingual obsession: Rust. All of this leads me to have a nearly constant stream of new Personal Projects.

Time Travel
Google Photos thinks I can time travel

At times, when I am able to tear myself away from my computer screen, I also have many hobbies. I enjoy hiking, flying kites, and biking. I cook often, play guitar, play with Legos, and spend time with my friends and fiancé. I also love spending time visiting with my family, including my baby nephew Landon, and Harper.