My name is Zach Bush, thanks for visiting my website today!!


I am currently in my final semester at the University of California at Berkeley. I am a computer science major in the College of Letters and Sciences.


I currently work as a software engineer at Meraki, which was recently acquired by Cisco systems.

Previously, I have worked as a math tutor at Sierra College, and as a CS tutor for Java, C++, Bash, Python, and data structures at UC Berkeley, as well as an undergraduate student instructor for CS61C, which deals with the internal organization of computers. I have also done consulting work for Indowsway Software (where I worked on maintaining a library of FORTRAN bindings for WinAPI) and Berkeley Simulation Software (where I worked on the company’s product Rail Traffic Controller, as well as updating their website).

Fun times

In my free time (of which I have almost none) I enjoy working on hobby coding projects, as well as occasional hardware hacking. I like to go on hikes, bike rides, and other things of the sort, regretfully, not as often as I once did. I also play the guitar (poorly).

I like to cook, play with Legos, hang out with my girlfriend, and see my friends. I love visiting with my family, especially my baby nephew Landon.