Python Nameserver

A small project to create a rudimentary nameserver that can handle basic requests, written in python

Partners: Hayg Astourian | Source Code: here


Yelp Coding for Grub

A 3 hour coding project: design an algorithm to, given some training data set, guess what rating will be given to a review based on the contents of the review and the person reviewing it.

Partners: Hayg Astourian and André Crabb | Source Code: here



A simple project incorporating many web APIs to find and repair mp3 metadata. Simply drag and drop your damaged mp3 on the website and mp-complete will fix it for you.

Partners: André Crabb | Live Site:


Glookup Frontend

A tool to query and display the output for glookup, a program to view grades used at UC Berkeley.

Source Code: here


Genetic Algorithm

This was a project for the 2011 Facebook hackathon. The goal was to create a simulation involving multiple agents working towards a common goal of collecting enough food to survive to the next generation.

Partners: Mary Stufflebeam | Source Code: here