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Published December 7, 2015

In mid-2015, I was looking into the prospect of buying a house. I realized, that while I had a fairly reasonable income, I had no real idea how much money I was saving, and how much I was spending on what. I had been using Mint for a while, and though it allowed me to see all of my accounts in one place, it did not include my partner's financial information, and its implementation of a rolling budget left something to be desired.

All these things caused me to make "Budgetron" a system written in rust, with a frontend in javascript/React that allowed me to track more clearly and consistently my expenses over time, while assigning a monthly rolling budget for spending on miscellaneous purchases, where excess money rolls over to the next month, and excess expenses cut into next month's budget. This rolling budget allows easily setting an 'average' amount of money spent per month, while still allowing large purchases when desired.

I built this project with Molly Raven.

You can view the code for this project here.

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